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The SJM Reading Guide: Extreme Edition.

If there's one question I have been asked more than any other, it's which order to read the Sarah J Maas books in. I know with HOFAS on the horizon a lot of you, like myself, will have a reread planned in the coming months.

There’s a lot of noise about which order is the best order to read, or reread the books in- and the truth is there is no right answer.

In saying that, I would like to present to you my favourite way to reread.

The is what I like to call the reread: theory edition. This is publication order. You will go back and fourth between each series as the books are released (can we also appreciate what a machine SJM was for a while there, pumping out two books a year?).

I’m just completing this and it has been glorious for finding easter eggs and parallels, especially as you get to the end. Although- be warned you will come out of this with more questions than answers.

If you're new to tabbing or annotating, keep en eye out, I'll have an annotation guide coming soon.

I have also attached below a few important things to look out for in each book, and where I really think we should be paying attention.

If this is a bit much for you to do over the next few weeks, then just the last three would set you up just fine for House of Flame and shadow! If you have reread SJM in this order, or plan to- let me know, and PLEASE let me know if you have found anything suspicious woven between the series.

Pens and tabs at the ready,



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